Research, research, research……..


I started my position in Fermanagh little over a week ago now and I have to say I already feel at home in my role. Not only was everyone very welcoming and friendly but with the setting of working in a castle, you couldn’t ask for more. For my part of the project I have been hired as a Freelance Consultant to carry out documentation and research. I love working freelance as you get the opportunity to work on a variety of projects and in a multitude of places.

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The project as it has been outlined is such an interesting and exciting one. I have followed and purchased both the British Museum’s ‘History of the World in 100 Objects‘ and Fintan O’Tooles ‘History of Ireland in 100 Objects‘ and devoured both. I find breaking down the world’s, a nation’s or on a smaller scale; a county’s history like that to be a fantastic way to allow people to engage with history. You get the highlights but it leaves you wanting more and so you end up reading up on the artefact further and then the time period and then low and behold you have ended up researching an entire decade!

For this project, I will be carrying out much of the primary research for the objects and then liaising with the experts who have been commissioned to write the briefs. I rather enjoy my role in that I am getting a flavour of a whole host of artefacts, people and events that I was previously unfamiliar with. In my first week alone I found out about the Reyfad Rock Art which to my shame I had not heard about but which has now been added to my list of places to visit.

In this section of the blog I will be outlining my journey on this project and sharing all the exciting new developments as they happen. With the mammoth task of researching objects, visiting sites, engaging with the public,  liaising with possibly 100 experts and many others roles that may occur throughout my time in Fermanagh County Museum, I can imagine my time here will fly.

To keep up to date with our progress you can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter. If you have any suggestions, ideas or comments, get in touch. This project is about engagement and creating discussions so if you have something to say, please do!!!

I look forward to sharing my journey with you.


Danielle Wilson Higgins

Freelance Research & Documentation Assistant
Fermanagh A Story in 100 Objects
Fermanagh County Museum.


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